Weekend Schedule

5-8pm Roland Martin's Tiki
(there is no pasta restaurant in the entire city / my apologies) ...

SATURDAY RACE TIMES (arrive no later than 60 minutes before your anticipated load)
100m – 7:30am 
50m - 9:00am
50k & 26.2 - 10:30am
13.1 & 10k - 12:00pm
** Solo jumpers can go together in the last load if they like
* I will be marking the course on Friday around 11am-1pm. If you're in town and would like to join me, I would enjoy the company. There's only a few turns and the course will be well marked. I dare you to get lost!
We’re excited to announce that this year’s race will have chip timing..
We will have the typical aid station food and supplies. You can anticipate some fruits, some chips and salty stuff, some soda options, sammich's, candies, Vaseline and salt pills. If you need or like anything specific I highly recommend you bring it yourself to ensure you don't go without.
Camping is allowed onsite Friday and Saturday night. There's plenty of parking and space for campers or RV's.
Bathrooms and showers will be accessible for the duration of the event.
The location is extremely friendly to children and non-runners or jumpers. There's tons of skydivers and parachuters to watch landing, they have a little grill and food station onsite and the people are incredibly friendly. There's a giant grassy area in the center of the diamond perfect for kicking a soccer ball, tossing a Frisbee, hanging out in lounge chairs and so on. We encourage you to bring friends, family members and even pets are welcome at the facility. Except lemurs....those little things freak me out.
The address for the facility and race start location is:
Skydive Spaceland Clewiston
1090 Airglades Blvd. Clewiston, Fl. 33440
863.983.6151 or 1.800.533.6151
The weather in February in Clewiston is usually fairly mild and nice. Last year it was a beautifully clear and sunny day. Very sunny. The temperatures were in the low 50's at 7am and reached the upper 70's at mid-day. If you're skydiving you will likely want to have a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt, possibly a windbreaker. The temps are about 20-25 degrees cooler at 13,500ft. for skydiving the keys it to be comfortable. A pair of jeans, stretch pants, sweats, etc are common. Be sure to have lace up shooes, vibrams or other type of fully enclosed footwear.


Clewiston, Florida 33440 - Skydive Spaceland - Clewiston Dropzone
Click here for a map

How Much

(After January 1, Please add $20)
100M Ultra Marathon WITH Skydive - $364
50M Ultra Marathon WITH Skydive - $299
50K Ultra Marathon WITH Skydive - $279
Marathon WITH Skydive - $269
Half Marathon WITH Skydive - $264
10k WITH Skydive - $259
100M Ultra Marathon NO Skydive - $165
50M Ultra Marathon NO Skydive - $100
50K Ultra Marathon NO Skydive - $80
Marathon NO Skydive - $70
Half Marathon NO Skydive - $65
10k NO Skydive - $60
Skydive ONLY - $199

Cut Offs

100M - 32 hours
50M - 14 hours
50K - 10 hours

Hotel and Accommodations

Camping is allowed on-site (Friday and Saturday night only)

Host Hotel is Clewiston Inn (4 miles from the event site)
Normal rate is $119 and they will do $85 single or $89 for a double
** Must mention “skydive ultra” for the discounted rate.
108 Royal Palm Av.
Clewiston, FL 33440
Ph: 1-800-749-4466
Discover southern charm and hospitality at the Clewiston Inn. A beautifully restored classical revival, the Inn offers a perfect blend of country elegance and modern comfort.

Other Information

The specific logistics of getting a large group of people in the air and into a race such as this is very challenging. Start times and specifics might change slightly. Camping, bathrooms and showers will be available on site.  We will have games and activities for the kids and non-runners as well. It's set on a contained grassy lot with no traffic so you can bring the family, some lawn chairs and spectate the landing zone and runners. Makes for a perfect day.

What is the expected weather that time of year?
** Last year's video is on our website. You will note that most of us Floridians started with long sleeves and a light sweater (that means 45-55 degrees for us sissies).

What is the closest major airport to the race?
** Ft Lauderdale is your best bet about 1.5 hours away .
** West Palm is similar.
** Miami is about 2.5 hours
** Tampa is about 2.5 hours away.
** Ft Myers is about 2 hours away.

WEATHER ISSUES --- It's our goal to have everyone start the race with a skydive. If that's not possible due to weather conditions, it is our intention to provide everyone an opportunity to jump at some point during the day/event (weather allowing). As such, if the weather is bad in the beginning of the day and clears up during the middle of the event, we will off you the option of stepping off the course for a quick jump (the race timer will stop when you leave the course and restart when you re-enter the course). I spoke to the skydive place and, in the event of a complete washout with no opportunity to jump all day, they will be willing to give refunds to people from other states that are forced to leave town and head home (bringing and showing your airline ticket and driver license would be a good idea). Local Floridians will receive a rain check that is good for six months. See more skydive FAQ’s at: http://www.skydivespaceland.com/first-tandem/skydive-common-questions/#sthash.YU0WzdhU.dpuf

Contact Information

Race Director is Eric Friedman email: EricFriedman@skydiveultra.com